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Does your son or daughter want to become a Cadet? Here you can find out all about this program and how it can enhance their life.

Parent Handbook

Who are Cadets2?

Cadets2 is a weekend-only, regionally performing drum and bugle corps presented by Youth Education in the Arts. This organization consists of approximately 128 young men and women ages 16 to 25 and is located in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania and surrounding area.

This ensemble takes a different approach to drum corps than The Cadets due to the level of time commitment, but the corps is managed very much the same as the 10-time DCI World Champion Cadets. There is an expectation of excellence, a clear intention that the image of The Cadets is maintained, and a promise from the organization that Cadets2 will operate with the same degree of quality as all of YEA!'s programs.

For so many, the time commitment and cost of a World-Class drum corps just isn’t possible. The Cadets2 program gives brass, percussion and colorguard performers a place to experience The Cadets in a different capacity. They learn from some of the best teachers in the activity, they have the infrastructure of YEA!’s team to provide much needed support, but of course, there are less financial pressure and less time commitment.

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What is a drum corps?

Modern drum corps are comprised of 150 performers who range in age from about 14 to 22. Each corps is made up of brass musicians, percussionists and a colorguard. They perform an 11-minute program on a standard football field. Programs are extravaganzas of musical excellence, marching precision, color, drama, dance and emotion. All members of the corps (except the front percussion ensemble) march in intricate formations which are coordinated with the musical productions.

Brass musicians in The Cadets play on top-quality Yamaha trumpets, mellophones, baritones, euphoniums and tubas.

Percussion instruments include marching snare drums, tenor drums (often referred to as "quads" or "quints"), bass drums in five sizes and stationary "front ensemble" instruments including various drums, cymbals, tympani, mallets (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone and chimes) and electronic synthesizers.

The colorguard adds color and drama through the coordinated use of flags, rifles, sabers and dance. The modern colorguard is as much a dance ensemble and storyteller as it is a precision marching unit.

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What are the benefits to the performers?

Drum corps is an activity which attempts to do much more than provide a performance opportunity for students or entertainment for the audience. Through the drum corps experience, students will learn useful life skills such as leadership, goal-setting and teamwork, among others. The Cadets curriculum includes opportunities for students to exercise their potential not only as musicians, but as complete human beings.

Get Involved

We invite parents to come on the road with us for a couple days or weeks during the summer! We couldn't do what we do without an amazing team of volunteers, and we would love for you to get involved.

For more information, contact , or visit

Tour Schedule

Cadets2 has many performances in the northeast over the summer. Click here to view the tour schedule.

In Case of Emergency

Most Cadets have cell phones, and the best times to contact them are during dinner and after shows, although they may also find time throughout the day to return calls/messages. 

Office, Allentown, PA | 610-821-0345 

Find out More

Visit Drum Corps Associates to learn more.

Other Cadets Ensembles

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The Cadets  is one of the world's oldest and most honored continually operating drum and bugle corps with members ages 16 to 22 from all over the country and world. The corps was founded in Garfield, N.J. as the Holy Name Cadets in 1934 and has won 10 American Legion National Championships and 10 Drum Corps International World Championships. The Cadets travel an average of over 15,000 miles nationwide each summer performing and competing in front of hundreds of thousands of drum corps fans.


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